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When purchasing an AED, there’s more to consider than just the AED itself. For the AED to be rescue-ready it must have electrodes connected and batteries installed. ZOLL has created a special AED Plus® package for the American Red Cross, which includes:

  • CPR-D padz® electrodes
  • Sleeve of Batteries
  • AED Plus soft carry case
  • American Red Cross responder pack

AED Plus Packages


ARC Part # 22500010101011010

AED Plus Package(ZOLL AED Plus® with medical prescription. batteries, CPR-D-padz, carry case, and CPR/AED responder pack )

AED Plus Accessories


AED Plus wall cabinet

Standard metal wall cabinet for the AED Plus



AED Pro.jpg

A truly rugged AED used by the professional rescuer. With Real CPR Help, See-Thru CPR®, manual override, and 3-lead monitoring, the AED Pro® is equipped for everything that’s required in an SCA rescue.